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About US.......

My name is Alyssa the brain behind 247 - HealthTips.

I am a young, passionate Blogger and Digital marketer with so much passion for making things happen with the use of Technology. And one of my goal is to be one of the top most BLOGGERS in the world. I study COMPUTER Science at University.

Have knowledge on Javascript, HTML, CCS, PROGRAMMING. 247 - HealthTips is the space through which I share health Tips ..... I choose widely and revolve around my personal interests. Therefore, bloggers, web designers, information marketers, Newbies fans and people with general interests in social media do find my blog posts relevant and interesting. I set up my first wapka website in 2007, December. start make money online from my wapka site in different ways. Before jumping into blogging. I started blogging some years ago thinking it was just a child play, but now world wide range in blogging.

SERVICES RENDERED BY ME Includes the following.....!!! Blog/Website Design. SEO Optimization (Making your site/blog rank well in Google and other search engines), YouTube channel set up for making cash. Seminar/Tutorial on blog&webdisign.

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